About the project

The interdisciplinary art project 'Light in Places' offers new perspectives on contemplating unused public spaces. It emphasizes the issue of urban development in a particular part of town. Using temporary art installations and interdisciplinary projects, with light as the primary medium, urban issues are accentuated and 'lit up' in an effort to showcase the potential of the locations selected in collaboration with the residents. The project aims to reactivate public spaces by intervening artistically, presenting architectural, design and city planning solutions, by performing, participating and acting to encourage the interaction between the residents, the space and the authors.

In its first editions, 'Light in Places' is dedicated to public spaces in Zagreb's Upper Town. Historically, culturally and administratively, the centre of Zagreb and Croatia measures 79,82 ha of surface with a little over 2600 residents living there. A large number of administrative buildings, cultural and educational institutions and historic landmarks which attract a great number of visitors on a daily basis, has shrunk the living space for Upper Town residents and converted it into a space with limited content for everyday life.

The project questions the identity of the Upper Town, its heritage, current and future growth potential, content quality in urban space, the relation between the residents and everyday users and the functionality of the neighbourhood in general. While talking to the residents of the Upper Town, through their everyday experience and personal recollections, everyday problems and requirements are viewed to define the project's starting points — 'problematic' urban structures and holes in the urban space of the Upper Town as a venue for temporary artistic interventions. The 'Light in Places' project temporarily revitalizes the chosen locations and accommodate artworks within a defined urban structure of a neighbourhood using light-based interventions on public locations in the Upper Town. By stimulating a more long-term presence of contemporary art practice in public spaces, the project explores and enriches neglected spots in the urban tissue to involve residents and users in the temporary transformation of space.


Concept and organisation: MJESTIMICE (IN PLACES) (Tamara Brixy, Marta Klepo, Tereza Teklić and Katarina Zlatec)

Design and code: Petra Milički, Katarina Zlatec Typeface: Mote, Hrvoje Živčić

Pertner: Zagreb Observatory

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb – Municipal Office for Education, Culture and Sport

Thanks to: Zvonimir Drvar, Fajn Bistro, Matija Jelić, Kontejner | bureau of contemporary art praxis, Krešimir Petrinjak, Dragan Roša (Zagreb Observatory), Ante Zlatko Stolica, Marin Stolica, Miran Hadži-Veljković i Zlatko Petrović (Summer at Stross), FoE Croatia, Jutro Cafe